What to wear at your photo shoot

There is our guide on what to wear and your appearance for your photo shoot studio session.

Personal Grooming

The two most import viewing aspects of your photograph will be your face (eyes) and your hair.

Hair – Looking properly groomed is always a good look – what better excuse for the ladies to have their hair professionally styled.  Unless you want the rugged look, men should shave on the day.

Face & Make up – Keep it light if possible – either light foundation or tinted moisturizer because you want the skin to be visible. Avoid trying to cover up skin imperfections with layers of foundation, and avoid oil based makeup as they reflect light.  A touch of lipstick and light eye shadow liner is ideal. If anyone has an annoying blemish or zit – dont’ worry – we fix that in post-production.

Nails – Please clean and clip your fingernails and ladies may want to wear nail polish.

Feet – We may also ask you to take off your shoes, so cater for that as well. If you have open shoes, or you remove your shoes, please make sure your under-feet are clean, and your heels are presentable.

Clothes – please keep clothing simple : comfortable everyday clothes in similar tones look best in photos, and they can be more flattering and slimming.  Avoid very bright, bold prints and  stripes as they can be distracting and may also soon be out of fashion.  Longer dresses/skirts and long trousers are preferred.

If you are going to be in a group shot, consider matching & coordinating your colours and styles.

Jewelry –  as required to suite your image and persona.

Babies and toddlers – Babies look excellent in all white or soft pinks or light blues. Toddlers suit solid bright yellow, red, green or blue.

In the studio we have a grooming & makeup section, so we can attend to last minute details when you are here.

Remember studio cameras record every detail, and as these photographs may be on your house wall for years or generations to come, please make you best effort to look your best without going overboard. 

This is going to be a fun and relaxed studio session, so if you have any special props, please bring them along – we do a variety of poses so can use the extra tops or special clothing for those individual portraits. Be adventurous, bring 2 or 3 or more different outfits for your shoot.

Accessories & Props

Although we have a host of props in the studio, props and accessories you can associate with are much better to personalize your family portrait or shoot.  Family pets are welcome. Bring along a musical instrument, sports item etc.  Ladies bring along scarves, necklaces, earrings, or any fashion item you love.  For young children’s portraits, bring a couple of their favourite toys or stuffed animals.

Black & White Images

In post-production we often convert images to Black & White. They look more dramatic if everyone is wearing a black/navy blue top or everyone wears a white top.  If you want some Black & White shots, we suggest bring along this type of clothing to change into towards the end of the regular shoot.

Lastly and most important

Remember – the shoot is yours!
Embrace it and make it work for you, your partner or your family.

If you are unsure about anything, need any advice or have a special request – we are always a phone call away, so don’t be shy…

We look forward to seeing you and hope this has given you some good detail on what to wear as well as a few usefull tips.